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For My Extraterrestrial Friends: 3 Ideas About The Current State of Humanity

We’re Homesick

The world right now feels like mostly everyone is uncomfortable with how things are economically, socially, etc. the current conditions aren’t optimal for holistic human flourishing. As such we’re all searching for “home”: we’re we each feel most at ease to function and be fully human. However our desire for quick fixes to our longing for home often leads us to drastic measures e.g. war, consumerism, exploitation in hopes that we will find home. Although there are some of us still who express our homesickness in healthier ways.¬†


We’re Imperfect

We humans are inherently imperfect. This is actually one of our best qualities. However we’ve lulled ourselves to sleep with illusions of nationalistic conquest, progress for progress’ sake, busyness, over-entertainment, “celebrity”, and a glossy photo-shopped unreality. The interesting thing is that perhaps the more we embrace our own imperfection and the humility that it offers us, we could enjoy existence¬†even more than we do.


There is Beauty in the Confusion

The current state of humanity is a paradox. We’re violent, but we also want peace. We’re wounded, but we also help to heal each other’s wounds. We curse out loud, but we also show kindness. We hate many things, but we also love deeply. This appears irrational, but with all this chaos there’s beauty to be intuited at the core.

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