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My Alleged Childhood UFO Sighting

As a child I remember seeing a UFO-like object flying overhead at night as my Dad drove me home from school or soccer practice. I was probably around the age of seven, and I’d actually forgotten about the experience until I was required to think of one for this blog post. At that time in my life my Father, sister, and I were obsessed with a show called Unsolved Mysteries, and aliens/UFO’s just happened to be subjects that I was afraid of at the time. Seeing the upside-down acorn-shaped UFO-like object, with what I remember to be colorful revolving lights around its mid-section filled me with wonder and an ominous fear of the unknown. I’ve always been filled with a deep appreciation/hunger for the wonderful/amazing this of the cosmos. I’m not sure if it was a flying UFO, but I know I saw something unexplainable that night that has stayed with me since.

Acorn shaped UFO

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