Paulo Chikoti-Bandua

Lead Designer | MBA | INFP (Myers Briggs)


Hi, I’m Paulo (Pow-loo). I’m a learner, thinker, and designer (in that order). I was was born in Port Moresby (Papua New Guinea), I’m from Angola, and I currently reside in New York. I’m pretty fascinated by Spotify, world history, socioeconomics, technological innovation, and design that fuses the best elements of African and Western aesthetic, and I’m always looking to infuse this into my work.

If I’m not working on a project you can usually find me watching football (the global kind), trying to be contemplative, reading wired magazine, listening to a podcast, learning the guitar, enjoying wild laughter with friends and family, eating good food, hiking, and or engaging in ammature movie watching/critiquing.

Personality Types: INFP (Myers Briggs) | HSP | #5 with a 4 wing (The Enneagram)


I have a diverse set of skills including strategic management, graphic design, web design, presentation creation, and I’m currently learning UX/UI design in my spare time.

Some art I find inspiring currently